Kubrick’s Odyssey : Part One Kubrick and Apollo

Jay Weidner here presents some extremely compelling evidence to suggest that director Stanley Kubrick was hired by the U.S. government to fake and direct the Apollo moon landings and that he hid clues to his involvement in his movie based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel ‘The Shining’.


[edit] Well it looks like the files been taken down and I can’t find a replacement for now.

Here is some information on Stanley Kubrick and the Saturn Death Cult, ‘Is the greater body of Stanley Kubrick’s films an exposé of a hidden elite obsessed with dark Saturnian sexual rites, paedophilia and the planned ritualistic transmutation of mankind?’ : saturndeathcult.com/crimes-of-the-saturn-death-cult/stanley-kubrick-and-the-saturn-death-cult/


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