The Gold Standard

Today I was reading about the musician Prince, apparently he had announced a Facebook Q&A and ignoring the other 4000 replies he, in true Prince fashion, only answered a single question. I expected it to be an amusing question, or perhaps bizarre or shocking, but I didn’t expect what I saw. A fan had asked,

:. TRUTH .: Greetings my dear Brother… Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies??? Thanks in advance!!! Warmest regards, Emanuel…”

to which Prince replied,

“The Gold Standard:…/heres-why-you…/

I really couldn’t believe it. I’d been thinking about this very problem all week long, despairing over how few people were aware of information such as this, and then, Prince, of all people, comes along and draws attention to it. Of course all The Independent said on the matter was, “The moral of the story is Prince hasn’t nailed Facebook yet, but he’s pretty good at everything else.”, Typical.

Make sure you check out the link Prince posted.

Here’s a screenshot of the exchange. Take note of Prince’s new promotional images which feature a prominent ‘third eye’.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 21.34.37

Also take a look at this article on Henry Makow’s website where L.C.Vincent claims that the change to a standard tuning of 440hz was promoted by both the Rockefellers and the Nazi’s. Vincent cites the paper Musical Cult Control by Dr. Leonard Horowitz,

“Music bioenergetically affects your body chemistry, psycho-neuro immunology, and health.  Your body is now vibrating musically, audibly and subliminally, according to an institutionally imposed frequency in harmony with aggression and in dissonance rather than vibrating in harmony with Love.”


I’m off to try out some of these nifty apps and programs to convert my music into 432hz.



Russell Brand – Revolutionary or NWO Shill?

Russell Brand appears to be being set up as new leader of the truth movement. He has been endorsed by both David Icke and Alex Jones by appearing on both of their shows; this makes me suspicious as to me they both appear to be some kind of controlled opposition. Here is an interview between Brand and Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman in which Brand calls for a social revolution based on the massive distribution of wealth. Which to me really sounds like a great idea, but who is Russel Brand really? What is his agenda? Does it even matter if the information he is spreading is beneficial? (I do believe 90% of what David Icke says, for instance, he has vast amounts of important info which is mostly obscured by the bizarre reptile stories)

He has been posting frequent Youtube videos under a series called ‘The Trews’ (or true news) in which he flicks through the days newspapers and comments on the subjects and the representation, or misrepresentation of those subjects. This can be anything from whatever Kim Kardashian is up to, to should Scotland be independent?

I agree with a lot of what he says,”I don’t trust them people [the torys], I don’t trust any of them because they exist solely to protect the interests of the rich and powerful” (

But there are reasons to be suspicious of someone, most of the time when someone is as famous as Brand, its because someone powerful wants them there for a reason. Brand has always been in the public eye, as a teenager he starred in The Bill (1994) and by 2000 he was performing as a comedian doing stand-up at the Edinburgh Fringe and as a presenter for MTV in 2000. By 2001 Brand had been fired from MTV after coming into work the day after 9/11 dressed as Osama Bin Laden. Next Brand starred in RE:Brand, his own show exploring cultural taboos. In 2004 Brand received a wide-spread audience when he became the presenter of Big Brother’s Eforum, later Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a side-show of the Orwellian reality show Big Brother.


His name is RusSell Brand after all…

Since breaking up with Katy Perry he has been dating Jemima Khan, daughter of Sir James Michael ‘Jimmy’ Goldsmith, billionaire financier and tycoon. Jemima has two brothers; Zac Goldsmith Tory MP who is married to Alice Rothschild, and another brother called Ben Goldsmith, who up until last year was married to Kate Rothschild. The Goldsmiths had previously been known as the Goldschmidts, but Sir James’s father, a German Jew, had decided to change it. This man, Frank Goldschmidt, was also a billionaire luxury hotel tycoon and former Conservative Member of Parliament.

Speaking of Katy Perry, Russell Brand is rumored to have been Katy Perry’s mind control handler, and this video claims to present evidence of this :


In October 2010 Russell Brand married Katy Perry. The Marriage lasted 14 months. In February 2011 Katy Perry embarked on her California Dreams tour which was described as being reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

Was their marriage a cover for Katy’s MK beta programming? Katy Perry, cats, satin sheets…


The McMartin case, Haut de La Garenne and the cover-up of Ritual Abuse


Here are some excerpts from the above linked article which describe the excavation of tunnels under a pre-school which was involved in a child-abuse scandal. The McMartin Preschool case appears as a link on the Wikipedia page for false allegations of child-abuse ( and is linked to Wikipedia’s page on Satanic ritual abuse ( The wiki on Satanic ritual abuse depicts the allegations as unfounded, stemming from a ‘Satanic panic’ which swept the nation after the publication of Michelle Remembers (a book it says to make false claims of abuse and Satanic cults), and spurred on by the McMartin trial. I believe that this idea of Satanic ritual abuse being a ‘hoax’ is purposely being spread in order to draw attention away from the continuation of this crime. I hope to illustrate this with a few examples, starting with the McMartin trial itself.

The traumatic crimes reported by the toddlers bear an uncanny resemblance to mind control programming, a specialty of certain classified federal agencies and cult cut-outs on the black budget payroll.8 The children are often ridiculed because some of their charges are impossible. Tunnels under the preschool? Too ludicrous to consider. But as it happens, there were tunnels, confirmed in 1993 by a team of five scientists from leading universities.

The unearthing of the tunnels, like much of the critical evidence, never made it to the courtroom. They have been discreetly excluded from newspaper accounts. Filling the void, Debbie Nathan, a widely published skeptic of ritual abuse, heaped ridicule on the tunnel allegations in the Village Voice in June 1990. She maintained the McMartin site had already been “painstakingly probed for tunnels. None were found”9 Nathan’s account is a fabrication. In fact, recalls Dr. Roland Summit, who contributed to the final report on the tunnel excavation, parents started digging and prosecutors, reluctantly forced to a showdown, “commissioned a superficial search of open terrain.” District Attorney Ira Reiner then declared the tunnel stories unfounded “without going under the concrete floor of the preschool.”Once the tunnels were officially discounted, attempts to explore for an underground reality were instant targets for ridicule.”10 Archeologist Gary Stickel was retained to lead the excavation on the re-commendation of Dr. Rainier Berger, chairman of UCLA’s Interdisciplinary Archeology Program, by parents of McMartin children.11 Initially Stickel sided with the Buckeys, believing the abuse allegations to be so much moonlight for hysterics. However, he’d heard of late homicide detective Paul Bynum, the first to dig at the site: Bynum apparently conducted his informal digging in February, 1984 (Daily Breeze, 1987). It is significant to note he did unearth some buried animal remains, “numerous pieces of tortoise shells and bones” (Daily Breeze, 1987). “There was keen interest at the time since it was reported that the children testified that tortoises, rabbits, and other small animals were mutilated to terrorize the children into keeping silent” (Daily Breeze, 1987).12

The Los Angeles Times ran a spate of features poking fun of the excavation team until actual evidence of tunnels was discovered. Then the Times ran a brief news item, one paragraph long, dryly noting that “evidence” of tunnels had been found, and never mentioned the subject again. The local Beach Reporter covered the story without a blush: “parents began to dig with shovels, allegedly in an area pointed out by a nine-year-old former student of the McMartin preschool, who told them to dig behind a cement planter in the northeast corner. When parents unearthed several broken turtle shells and a few bones, they stopped digging and notified the district attorney’s office.

A total of 77 animal bones were found buried at the McMartin site, an assortment of the osteo-remains of domestic cattle, chickens, dogs and a single rabbit.17 However, Debbie Nathan, the hide-bound “skeptic” of ritual abuse, a scion of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, told another story. The McMartin site, she insisted, had already been “painstakingly probed for tunnels” by the D.A.’s office. (Not so, as we’ve seen). “None were found. [The McMartin] parents have invested years believing in demonic conspiracies and underground nursery tunnels. (Until recently the parents were still digging. They came up with Indian artifacts).” No mention of Bynum’s independent findings. No mention of the dig as it happened in the real world. She reserves much of her scorn for former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and Jackie MacGauley. Nathan seems not to realize that Gunderson and MacGauley brought in Stickel and his geological team to defuse accusations they were directly engaged in the dig. They weren’t. The search for the tunnels was independent, and scores of volunteers pitched in.

Nathan’s refrain of “no evidence” is hollow. She has been known to contort around the facts of ritual abuse in a grotesque parody of journalism and is frequently blind to critical evidence. Nathan continues to find “no evidence” of abuse at McMartin despite the nightmares, the acting-out, medical molestation reports and sexual infections. The tunnel excavation, she assures with psychic certainty (and a sniff of condescension), is a “hoax.”

Nathan’s complete denial of the reality of the tunnels is just one reason why the prevailing notion in the public eye is that the abuse never occurred; along with evidence going unreported which would support the prosecution, the bending of the truth, and complete bare-faced lies, I mean, the McMartin trial appears on Wikipedia’s page for ‘false allegations of child abuse’. The 1983 McMartin case bears striking similarities to the allegation of child abuse at Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne in 2007….


In 2007 allegations were made of child abuse at a Jersey children’s home which lead to an inquiry which investigated 100 different claims of abuse. There were claims made about a secret room where children would be locked up, tortured and abused; these claims lead to a forensic investigation of the Haut de la Garenne building which was by then being used as a youth hostel. It was reported that the forensic team had found a child’s skull, amoung other bone fragments. This bolstered the inquiry. Soon after this though, it was reported that the evidence had been a mistake, that the skull pre-dated the abuse claims, and then it was later claimed that the skull had in fact been a coconut shell. *I mean come on, is any forensic scientist that imcompetant?

The author of has done a fantastic job collating information about the Jersey case. Linking it to the Dutroux affair, and to other care homes in the UK. (

Here are some links to further articles on the subject,

Allegations that prior boss of Haut de la Garenne had himself repeatedly raped his foster daughter – (

Evidence of a link between the children’s home and one in Islington, London – (

Claims of hundreds of missing children in Islington – (

Corrupt policeman attempting to cover up the abuse – (

Government links to the abuse at Haut de la Garenne – (

Cover-up of the link between Jersey and Portsmouth – (

Explore more around for more information. Its a rich resource.

Here’s a picture of Jimmy Saville outside Haut de la Garenne, surrounded with children. He initially denied having been there but had to backtrack when this photographic evidence was supplied. What kind of cover-up is happening right now with the current child-abuse scandal?


In 2011 journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was denied acess to the UK while trying to investigate the child abuse allegations. McGrath Goodman went on television to discuss this in a pretty exaggerated and melodramatic manner paints the residents as ignorant lemmings, isolated from the UK and unaware of their imposing government. When she mentions the banning of books on the island, it seems hard to believe. Perhaps she should of specified that she meant particular books but she was correct, certain books have been banned for sale in Jersey as they paint the island in a negative light. See this blog article and its comments, ( Here is the interview she did on American television,

The Ebola Outbreak and Predictive Programming


I’ve been watching Channel 4’s TV show ‘Utopia’ these last couple of days. Its about a bunch of conspiracy theorists who find themselves in possession of a valuable manuscript. The manuscript is the lost sequel to a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments written by Phillip Carvel, and it contains information on a government conspiracy to sterilize 90% of the world’s population through an experimental vaccine. Carvel’s daughter Jessica has been on the run all her life, never having known her father, desperately searching for the manuscript she hopes will bring her closer to him. So Jessica ends up with the conspiracy theorists and they must together evade The Network, the sinister organization chasing Jessica Hyde, who want the manuscript for themselves.

This storyline is awfully similar to what is going on right now with the Ebola outbreak. In the last couple of days two US patients who have been diagnosed have been given an unapproved experimental drug called ZMapp. Could it be that this synchronicity between what happening globally right now and the storyline of this Channel 4 TV-show be an example of predictive programming? Other examples of predictive programming include the references to Sandy Hook found in the Batman films, the pilot episode of the Lone Gunman, and many other references which seem to predict the 9/11 attacks in cartoons like The Simpsons.


coupcoverAlbum cover created for group ‘The Coup’ in June 2001, and released early September 2001.

A Map in The Dark Knight Rises showing a place named Sandy Hook near the ‘strike zone’ just 10 days before the events at Sandy Hook School.

It would also be interesting to draw some parallels between the character Jessica Hyde and the realm of MKultra super-soldiers, or genetically engineered humans, something akin to the 2011 film Hanna.

See this post over at The Secret Sun for a more detailed analysis of the show and the ideas it presents. (

There is evidence to suggest that Ebola is a manufactured virus, and this could be a manufactured outbreak. Dr Leonard G. Horowitz wrote a book on the subject called Emerging Viruses : AIDS and Ebola : Nature, Accident, or Intentional? ( and here is a PDF of the first 100 pages of that book ( Also see this article which describes how Lyme Disease was manufactured as a part of research into biological warfare on Plum Island, Plum Island, Lyme Disease And Operation Paperclip – A Deadly Triangle’ by Patricia Doyle, PhD (

Here are some notable excerpts:

“In the mid-1970’s Lyme Disease broke out in Connecticut and it has since spread through much of the United States. This program examines the possibility that Lyme Disease may have spread as a result of clandestine experimentation on biological warfare on Plum Island-a Department of Agriculture facility that doubled as an Army BW research facility. Dedicated to the study of animal diseases, Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?”

“It is interesting to note that the Third Reich’s biological warfare program had the cover name of “Cancer Research Program.””

“If in fact Traub was involved with research on Plum Island, this development would have been consistent with programs being conducted at that time involving experimentation on unwitting American citizens with biological and chemical warfare research agents: “Research unearthed three USDA files from the vault of the National Archives-two were labeled TICK RESEARCH and a third E.TRAUB. All three folders were empty. The caked-on dust confirms the file boxes hadn’t been open since the moment before they were taped shut in the 1950’s. Preposterous as it sounds, clandestine outdoor germ warfare trials were almost routine during this period.”

With the Ebola death toll having reached 932, with 1,7000 cases, the fear is that this number will exponentially grow. And with talks of this becoming an airborne virus we are looking at something with massive implications. So was this a manufactured event? Why is it that we so often see fiction mirroring reality?


(EDIT 28/09/14) See this article written by scientist Dr. Cyril Broderick, who claims that Ebola is a GMO virus which has been strategically released in Liberia (Africa’s fastest growing population) as a way to control the population size. (

(EDIT 02/10/2014) Now there are claims that DART teams (Disaster Assistance Response Team) were notified months ago that they would be activated in October this year. The timing with the first American contact with the Ebola virus is just too perfect. Here is a screenshot of the twitter announcement,


MH370 and MH17 : the old switcharoo?

Jim Stone presents some very credible evidence to suggest that the plane which crashed in the Ukraine was actually the missing plane MH370.*6KdolRNMaBa/mh17starboardcrashsceneconclusion.jpg

Other things to consider :

1. Reports of the bodies found in the crashed plane as being terribly decomposed, drained of blood and stinking of rotting flesh. See Mexican press reports.

2. See the differing tail numbers.

3. Brand new passports of victims.

4. Continuation of route without interruption… no missing plane from fleet?

5. Change of course.

6. Media reporting different departure times. Largest air traffic website reported it cancelled.

6. Media propaganda against Russia and Putin. Daily Mail : “Putin’s Victim’s”


Kubrick’s Odyssey : Part One Kubrick and Apollo

Jay Weidner here presents some extremely compelling evidence to suggest that director Stanley Kubrick was hired by the U.S. government to fake and direct the Apollo moon landings and that he hid clues to his involvement in his movie based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel ‘The Shining’.

[edit] Well it looks like the files been taken down and I can’t find a replacement for now.

Here is some information on Stanley Kubrick and the Saturn Death Cult, ‘Is the greater body of Stanley Kubrick’s films an exposé of a hidden elite obsessed with dark Saturnian sexual rites, paedophilia and the planned ritualistic transmutation of mankind?’ :

Malaysia Flight MH17

A Malaysian commercial airliner has crashed in Ukraine just off the Russian border. The Boeing 777 was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 298 people on-board.

When MH370 disappeared people were quick to notice that certain numbers surrounding the event were repeating themselves.

Flight 370 disappears on 3/7 while reportedly traveling 3,700 km.

Flight 370 flew at an altitude of 37,000 feet when it was last reported using flight tracking software.

Luigi Maraldi age 37, was one of the individuals whose passport was stolen.

Malaysia Airlines is one of Asia’s largest, flying nearly 37,000 passengers daily.

I will be waiting to hear if MH17 also displays mysterious numerology


EDIT : And as expected the MH17 seems to exhibit occult symbolism in its significant numbers;

Like the MH370 it was a Boeing 777, the flight number was MH17, it fell on the 17th of the 7th month of 2014 (2+0+1+4=7), the planes maiden flight was on 7/17/1997, 17 years to the day before it fell. Oh and Malaysian Airlines has 17 letters.

See also Christine Lagarde of IMF’s speech which contains many references to the number 7 and to the year 2014.